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Dear St. Rose's Alumni:



As valued members of our esteemed Alma Mater, we invite you to join us in furthering our shared mission of enhancing the quality of life, environment, and education at St. Rose's. Your support through membership dues plays a crucial role in covering the administrative expenses essential to our impactful initiatives. In essence, it is your membership that fuels our efforts and enables us to make a difference!

By becoming a member, you gain the privilege of participating in the election of our Executive Board, as well as the opportunity to hold office or contribute your expertise to our various committees, where your skills and experiences are integral to our association's success.

We are excited to inform you that joining or renewing your membership is now easier than ever. You can conveniently pay online through our website, streamlining the process for your convenience.

To take the first step towards active involvement, please complete the online form below and submit it to the Membership Committee as soon as possible. Our membership options include a one-year membership for $30.00, or a two-year membership for $50.00 and a five year membership for $125.00.

We look forward to your continued support and partnership as we work together to uphold St. Rose's values and legacy. Thank you for being part of our vibrant alumni community.


Membership Committee

Membership Application

P. O. Box 22321, Brooklyn, NY 11202-2321 Membership Application 
Alumni Membership
Associate Member (A person who is sponsored by an alumnus/alumna)
Committees Membership

Please indicate one or more committees you would like to be involved with.

SRAA Member Skills/Interest Questionnaire

Directions: Select the appropriate options below.

Select the skillset that best fits you: (Choose all that applies)
Membership Payment
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Thanks for submitting!

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