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St. Rose's Alumni Association (USA) Inc.




For the past twenty-five years, Naline has been actively; and passively involved in the alumni association in several capacities including, Treasurer, Board Member as well as being on a few of our committees including fundraising.


Naline's academic and professional background includes under graduate and post graduate qualifications along with two plus decades of managing teams in both private and public corporations primarily in the finance departments. Her background, work experience and education will allow her to effectively lead the board and uphold the goals and objectives of our organization.


In keeping with our school motto Serviam – she looks forward to being of service not only to the board and the association, but also to current and past students at St. Rose’s High School. Naline lives her life by deeds and not by words so it is her hope that she can lead the organization to further enhance the network among past students, improve the quality of the education of the current students and raise the funds necessary to meet the needs of our school.

michelle case-ramalho

vice president

After graduating from St. Rose's High School in Georgetown, Guyana class of '79, Michelle relocated to London, England. She made use of this opportunity to explore Great Britain and travel throughout Europe. Michelle later moved to New York, where she worked as a management and sales coordinator for complexes on Manhattan's Upper East Side in the finance and real estate marketing industry.


In 1992, she began working as the middle school secretary for the Red Bank Borough Public Schools. Michelle, who has constantly looked for ways to improve, attended Brookdale Community College and completed numerous managerial and professional development programs in addition to evening classes in accounting and psychology. She currently supports Pupil Personnel Services as Confidential Secretary to the Child Study Team, Nursing and Athletics.


Michelle enjoys cooking, art, reading, dancing, and karaoke when she has free time. When she isn’t traveling, she likes to plan fundraising events. She was co-chair of The Virtual Garden Party in April 2021, which significantly helped St. Rose's, Guyana. She spearheads community-based activities and is an avid collector of teapots and tea time collectibles.


After thirty-two (32) years in education, Michelle says she is humbled by the ties that have lasted a lifetime within the Red Bank community and is glad to have contributed to the district's sustained growth and collective accomplishment(s). As the current Vice President of the USA Inc. Chapter in collaboration with the Executive Board she seeks to achieve the ultimate goal of supporting her alma mater; utilizing all resources available through fundraising and outreach to benefit the students and teachers of St. Rose’s High School, Guyana.

Michelle Case-Ramalho

Jennifer Harding


Jennifer brings with her a wealth of experience, having dedicated 8 years of service at Guyana National Bank and an impressive tenure of thirty seven years at the NYC Administration for Children Services, where she most recently held the esteemed position of Deputy Director of Claiming/Finance. Additionally, her contributions as the treasurer of St. Rose’s alum for two terms underscore her commitment to organizational excellence. Jennifer's academic achievements as a proud Class of 1971 graduate further attest to her dedication and capabilities.

Jennifer Harding

Lorez Frank-Henry

Assistant Treasurer

Lorez Frank-Henry graduated from St. Rose’s High School in 1979 and completed her high school studies there in 1981. She has a BBA degree in Accounting and is a Financial Services Manager with over thirty five years' experience. Working within the New York State agency that regulates banks and insurance companies, she ensures the compliance of insurance policies and rates with New York Insurance law and assists consumers with resolving their complaints with insurance companies.  She is currently on the Membership and Fundraising Committees of the St. Rose’s Alumni Association. She is the mother of three adult children and has a beautiful granddaughter.


Her mission with the St. Rose’s Alumni Association is to cultivate St. Rose’s High School as a cultural learning institution with well-rounded graduates.

Lorez Frank Henry

Lorraine Croft-Farnell


Lorraine is a dedicated and retired Healthcare Administrator with a rich history of commitment to the association. Since 1994, she has been an integral part of the association, serving in various leadership roles on the Executive Board and committees contributing to the growth and success of the organization.

Lorraine's passion for the association's mission and objectives shines through her actions and dedication. With a strong belief in the principles and values she learned at St. Rose’s, Lorraine channels her enthusiasm into fostering community engagement and service among fellow alumni.

With confidence, loyalty, integrity, and empathy, Lorraine endeavors, alongside the Executive Board, to support the administration of St. Rose's and create opportunities for student success. Her dedication to education and service is a testament to her character and values.


Outside her professional endeavors, Lorraine shares family time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Rosalind Yhip-Savory

assistant secretary

With a passion for both numbers and people, Rosalind brings a unique blend of creative and financial talents. She has dedicated years of community service and accounts receivable while also connecting with customers through exceptional service. Rosalind has honed her analytical skills through coursework in communication and accounting, yet never lost sight of the human side of business. Her background in graphic design and marketing enables her to build rapport and meet customers' needs. When she is not crunching numbers, Rosalind enjoys giving back through volunteering and leadership in community organizations. With technical expertise and a personable approach, she thrives on empowering customers and colleagues alike. While at St. Rose’s High School, Rosalind was a member of Loreto House.


It will be her immense pleasure in continuing her connections with past, current, and future alumni. She is delighted to support the secretary in all official communication as the New York chapter of the St. Rose’s Alumni grows and achieves its goals.

Lorraine Croft-Farnell
Rosalind Yhip-Savory

Dean Massiah

board member

Dean (class of 1980 and 1981) commenced his high journey at St. Rose’s in 1975 when the school became co-ed and has the honor of being one of the first male students to attend our alma mater. A good all-around student, he was also an extremely gifted athlete who represented St. Rose’s in many sports disciplines including soccer, basketball, and track and field.


Upon graduating in 1981, Dean and his family migrated to Canada where he attended York University in Toronto graduating with a BSc in Computer Science. His academic qualifications equipped and prepared him for a career in IT and cybersecurity that has spanned over 30 years. Much of those 30 years have been spent as an independent consultant which challenged his entrepreneurial abilities. It was during this period that he and three of his St. Rose’s classmates founded the BH5 Group, an IT security company that consults with companies globally.  In more recent years he expanded his entrepreneurial abilities into a whole new arena, leather crafts. He founded GyCrafts Inc., a company that specializes in custom leather products sold primarily through their online portal. The company has grown significantly over the last few years and is gaining popularity among the Guyanese population in the diaspora.


Since being in Canada, Dean has been actively involved in the Canadian chapter of the alumni association, and in more recent years the US chapter. He has offered much assistance over the years in the maintenance and updating of the association’s website.


Dean is also always ready to provide support as needed in the spirit of Serviam. In 2016 along with two other alumni, Dean “adopted” a St Rose’s student who was excelling in school but whose family was struggling financially and provided ongoing assistance for travel, textbooks, and technology to allow him to graduate successfully and go on to university.


Throughout his professional and business endeavors, Dean has provided mentorship to many young people and can bring that along with his focus and organizational and management skills to the association, our alma mater, and the students in Guyana. He is willing and prepared to work to continue to grow the organization in the spirit of Serviam.

Dean Massiah

ray mcmillan

board member

Alum of the class of 1983, Raymond McMillan attended St Rose’s from 1975 and was one of the first male students when the school became a co-ed institution in that same year.

After graduating from the University of Guyana in 1989, Raymond migrated to Toronto, Canada where he started a career retail in management. After 5 years, he moved into the financial services sector where he worked as a financial advisor with a large investment firm and a few years later a major Canadian bank. In 1999, Raymond moved into entrepreneurship and started his mortgage broker company The McMillan Group which has in the last decade morphed into a real estate consultancy assisting clients to create wealth by investing in real estate in Canada, Florida, and parts of the Caribbean. The Canadian office is currently run almost exclusively by his eldest son.

Over the last two plus decades Raymond has been actively involved in the alumni association with both the US and Canadian chapters and is always ready to assist in the spirit of Serviam at a moment’s notice.

More recently Raymond has been involved in various planning committees for many of the US chapters annual events starting with the virtual concert which he co-hosted with a fellow alum during the Covid pandemic. His focus has always been on the well-being of the students at St Rose’s in Guyana and he is always willing and prepared to work with the alumni association as we continue to uplift the quality of our campus and the students in the Spirit of Serviam.

Ray McMillan
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